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Bicycle Rental

Four adult touring bicycles are available for rent.
Basic rate: 400 yen for a 2-hour minimum (additional time rate: 200 yen/hour)

Ama no Hashidate

Ama no HashidateThis beautiful sand beach, 3.6 km long and 20-170 meters wide, has 8,000 black pine trees of all sizes. It takes about 1 hour on foot or 20 minutes by bicycle to get from one end to the other. Both Emperor Taisho and Emperor Showa visited the area and planted trees. About 10 minutes by bicycle from Seikiro.

Kasamatsu Park

The park has a fine view of Ama no Hashidate (Bridge to the Sky) and is famous for its inverted view of the beach scenery from a certain viewpoint. This is called "mata-nozoki" and the beach appears to be like a bridge to the sky, and thus the name Ama no Hashidate. Take the cable car or lift to see the splendid view from the observatory with its special step for mata-nozoki. About 30 minutes by car and cable car from Seikiro.

Miyazu Catholic Church

Miyazu Catholic ChurchThis church was built in 1896 by a French missionary with a unique mixture of East and West, such as tatami mats instead of pews. It is the second oldest wooden church still in existence in Japan and the oldest still in use. Only 5 minutes on foot from Seikiro.

Old Mikami Family House

Old Mikami Family HouseMikami was the luxurious home of a wealthy merchant in the Edo period (1603-1867). Eight of the buildings including the main building have been designated natural important cultural properties. The garden is designated a Kyoto Prefectural scenic spot. Only 5 minutes on foot from Seikiro.

Kanabiki no Taki Waterfall

Kanabiki no Taki WaterfallOne of the 100 select waterfalls in Japan, it has several streams falling dramatically down the rocks of Mt. Kanabiki. It is about 20 meters wide and 40 meters high. Fodo-do Hall stands near the basin. About 10 minutes by car from Seikiro.

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